Sale Town Lottery Launched To Help Our Community

Sale Town Partnership is excited to launch our very own lottery scheme, with the objective of raising funds for our community.

Everyone that signs up for just £5 a month will be entered into the monthly random draw to win cash prizes. At least 50% of the funds raised will go towards the prizes, and the remaining funds to the Partnership for initiatives such as-

- Christmas lights

- Christmas lights switch-on event

- Town centre planter maintenance

- Fun events throughout the year

- Support for local businesses to help improve their skills and grow

- Local community initiatives

These are just some of the activities that the Partnership completes throughout the year, using a small number of volunteers and ad-hoc donations from businesses and residents. It is hoped that the lottery scheme will provide additional funds so that more can be done to promote the town, and bring additional footfall back to the town centre.

How do I sign up?

You can create a standing order for the 1st of every month with your bank to the following details for £5 a month -

- Natwest

- Sale Town Partnership

- Sort code - 01-07-71

- Account number - 56554346

Please use your surname and initials as the reference number, and email this to us on before the 15th of each month to make sure you are entered.

Alternatively, please complete one of of the forms located at Emporium M33, Security at The Square Shopping Centre or other locations and return to us at the address below:

- Saletown Partnership, c/o The Square Shopping Centre, Sale M33 7ZZ.

When will the draw be made?

We will make the random draw the week after the Sale Makers Market each month, and announce the winners via social media and the website.

Winners will be contacted, and the money will be transferred to your bank.

How much can I win?

This depends on how many people enter - the more entries received will mean more prizes. EG: with 120 players there will be prizes of 1 x £250 and 1 x £50.

We will only use the details given for the purposes of the lottery, and this will not be shared with anyone outside of Sale Town Partnership, unless it is to administer the prizes or confirm payment details and entry. Your details will not be used for marketing or any other purpose.

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