Sale Needs You!

Many of you probably know a Sale based business owner who has been struggling over the last few months during lockdown?

This might be a retail shop owner, bar or restaurant owner, or one of the individuals who run their own fitness businesses across the town – or maybe people working within the professional services space, and work from home?

As businesses are allowed to re-open again, these Sale-based businesses need all of our help and support to get re-started, with the hope of making it through these tough times.

Although right now we don’t want to have packed out streets (as this could lead to a new spike with Coronavirus infections), we do want you to think about where you’re shopping, and with who?

  • If you’re coming to the town for your grocery shopping, could you think about purchasing that birthday gift from one of the smaller, independent shops we have rather than online?

  • Could you consider some takeaway food from one of our local café’s and restaurants as a treat?

  • If you’re thinking of a new wardrobe, we have a number of local, independent fashion businesses who either have a retail shop or offer online ordering and delivery

  • Needing health and beauty items? We have a number of shops that can help

  • Stationery and back to school items?

  • Are you considering professional services such as health insurance, business support, design – and more! There are lots of freelancers and small business owners in Sale who specialise in these areas. You can quickly find them with an online search

These are just some of the ways that you can help Sale, and our businesses right now. As we move further out of the Coronavirus pandemic and can come into the town centre with fewer restrictions, this will be even more vital to attract new investment and shops/ businesses to the town.

When businesses are looking to open in Sale, they will be asking the landlords for footfall figures – how many people visit Sale? How busy is it? What type of customer comes to the town?

If you’re looking for more retailers, leisure activities, food and drink offerings or independent businesses in the town – we all need to show our support by visiting the town centre more now.


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