2019 in Sale – A Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

For Sale Town Partnership, and the local community of Sale, 2019 was a BIG year.

Why is that? I hear you ask….

Well, lot’s happened across Sale to benefit the town centre, start to bring some pride and vibrancy to the town, and to showcase the local community efforts and start to bring people back to the town centre.

Here, we’ll run through a few of the events that made 2019 the start of the change for Sale:

Makers Market

After years of trying to have a market agreed for the town, Sale worked with The Makers Market and Trafford Council to bring a monthly event to the town. Previously, this had always been denied due to a historical ruling regarding Altrincham Market. However, we cannot let something that is hundred’s of years old impact Sale now and in the future! Our hope is that this successful event for the town will continue to be supported by the Council, Altrincham Market and our community; bring in additional visitors to the town so we can support the local shops and businesses as well as enjoying the market and all the vibrancy and uniqueness the traders bring.

Scarecrow Safari

We loved seeing the scarecrow’s popping up at homes, shops and businesses across Sale, and know that many families felt the same as they were completing the Trail too. This fun event by Sale and District Lions, supported by the Partnership helped raise funds for Trafford charity Act4Africa. We look forward to its return in 2020!

Sale Arts Trail

Sale welcomed back artists and visitors for the popular Sale Arts Trail, with venues across the town showcasing local artists, sculptors and creators.

Christmas lights re-introduced for the first time in years!

Sale has always had the lights in The Square Shopping Centre, but the Partnership wanted to make the whole of Sale Shine! Due to reduced budgets at the Council, all areas of Trafford have to raise funds for any Christmas lights they wish to install. We went about a campaign to raise the funds necessary to do this, with donations from visitors at the Makers Market, business donations, charity donations and online donations from our fabulous community. There was also a Festive Quiz night at Sale F.C, supported by GM Business Connect, The Square Shopping Centre, Promoting Trafford and the Partnership which helped with fundraising. The funds raised helped bring the lights along School Road, Town Hall and some of the trees, with Emporium M33, The Square Shopping Centre and Linder Myers sponsoring the huge Christmas tree outside Costa Coffee.

Successful Christmas light switch-on event

This is always a family-friendly event, really well attended and helps bring the festive spirit to the town centre. 2019 was no exception, with lots of local dance schools, entertainers and even Father Christmas handing out books to the younger children. The lights looked amazing across the town centre, and the fundraising efforts could be appreciated.

Businesses starting to work together

Through open Partnership meetings where local businesses and community groups attended in higher numbers; increased communication and collaboration; building good links with Trafford Council; and our first informal small business networking event, the Partnership has started to create an energy and focus to continue to make Sale vibrant, work with community groups, increase pride for residents and attract visitors to the town.

We just need to do it all again for 2020 now! This was all achieved with brilliant community spirit and a small group of business owners working hard in their own time to make Sale better.

With the recent events over the last few months, events and ways of working may have delayed some of the ideas the Partnership had for 2020 – but, we continue to work behind the scenes to build on the successes of 2019.

THANK YOU to every business owner that helped in some way, everyone that comes into the town centre and supports the shops, businesses, bars and restaurants here (rather than online or the likes of the Trafford Centre) and to everyone that has helped the Partnership team.

Let’s continue to SHOP LOCAL by coming into the town centre (when we can!). This will encourage more retailers and businesses to open in Sale, leading to more events and a busy, fun and brilliant town centre for everyone!

Janine Friston

Chair, Sale Town Partnership


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