About Us


The Partnership is a not for profit group of local business owners, community groups and Trafford Council representatives.  With the re-generation and development plans for a number of locations across the town centre (and M33 generally) there are exciting times ahead for Sale.

Recently, the Partnership has helped bring the monthly Makers Market to the town,  Christmas lights back for the first time in a number of years, worked with the Scarecrow Safari team in 2019 and built relationships locally and with other key influencers and community groups. 

But, we want to do more!

Our Aim

Our aim is to help Sale become a vibrant place to live, work and visit; To promote the varied retail, leisure, strong night time economy and exciting Arts and Culture offering and be somewhere the residents of Sale can be proud of.

Our Mission
  • To support local businesses and help attract greater investment into the town

  • To encourage residents and visitors to the town, and help create a more diverse and exciting retail and leisure offering

  • To help make Sale a place to enjoy and have fun

  • To collaborate with other key stakeholders and community groups 


​How can you help?

As we are a not-for-profit organisation, we don’t have an ongoing income to work with.  

If you would like to contribute with a donation to help stage events and promote the town (such as bringing Christmas lights, music, dancing and other events)

you can do so via our Go Fund Me page.


If you're a local business we want to support you, and help make your business the best it can be – whether this be with promotion,  workshops or networking with other local businesses. 


If you would like to support your town, you can make a donation to us via our Go Fund Me  page. (If you let your accountant know this may be added to your end of year

business accounts as a charitable donation too!)


100% of the proceeds we receive go towards making Sale a better town centre. 


Please get in touch if you’d like any further details via our Contact Us page.


Many thanks

Janine Friston

Chair, Sale Town Partnership

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